In what factor movie “MELODI” ?

Musical drama genre film directed and written by Harry Dagoe Suharyadi. Starring Emir Mahira, Nadya Amanda. and Djenar Mesa Ayu. The film lasted 95 minutes tells about a brother and sister are Ruli and Mili. Ruli and Mili are brothers who live in the suburbs with his father who became a single parent. They live a life full of joy .. Ruli who are good at singing works as a coffee shop waitress. Mili who like to draw always mengintil wherever his brother go. They are also being shoulder to shoulder for the sake of realizing the dream of saving the family, which has a used motorcycle for his father worked as a pengojek. At least when it has its own motor, the results ngojek father no longer had to be paid to Bandar Ojek and their lives would be a little better

When a beautiful dream that has been in front of the eyelid, Ruli father unexpectedly suffered an accident that resulted in depleted their savings and even still carry enormous debt

Whatever happens as a tenacious and courageous boy, Ruli unyielding. In the midst of efforts to help his father find an additional fee, he met Chika, daughter of Mrs. Wita the unfortunate part. Not unexpectedly encounter them develop into true friendship and a deep spiritual attachment until they become bertrio with Mili

Unfortunately their friendship instead reap the wrath of Mrs. pm, Chika’s mother who worked out with regard equate all poor children are evil. But still undergoing Chika sweet friendship was secretly …

One day, Chika Ruli an offer to sing a hadianya competence is very large. But unfortunately Ruli no fee for registration. Because chika eager Ruli Ruli sure to follow the race and must win the chika also broke his piggy bank to help Ruli. Ruli and finally started to follow the race.
At the first audition, the show really Ruli amaze the audience. And mother Witapun surprised that there Ruli in this race. Wita mother was suspicious of where Ruli can register with the registration fee is not cheap. In addition, mothers were also ketakuttan wita could be lost if chika with Ruli. After the match selesei pm chika and mother come home. But unfortunately the incident known to his mother chika who met her piggy bank is broken chika’s room. Mother accused pm Ruli who brought her to steal money chika. And Mrs. pm was reported to the police station Ruli. At Ruli race was captured by police. Then the day chika esokkan also explained the incident kapada singers who often shared Ruli. And the singers were singing in front of police headquarters that his poem describes the actual events. Police were melted, and eventually allow Ruli follow the race on the condition must be returned before 8. However, in these competencies Ruli siska accidentally saw his mother being berated siska because her mother is very nervous and wanted siska win the race. because Ruli siska not want to lose and scolded by his mother. Ruli then relented with a singing voice that Fales. Although Chika and siska a champion. However, siska and Chika told the truth to the Producers of Phonograms. Hear the story went directly to producer invites Ruli and his recordings with the contract and hadia large enough. Ruli surprised but very happy. Finally Ruli, Chika and siska were also recorded together.


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